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Our motivated team of passionate, talented individuals will work
tirelessly to make your next event ONE TO REMEMBER.
One that your guests will be talking about long after it is over!



Where are you from, and what brought you to Nashville?

I am proudly from Nashville, born at our own Vanderbilt, growing up in Nashville, Brentwood, and Murfreesboro, and watching the city grow and change over the decades. I love the history here, and am happy that I am from Music City, as the music is in my blood. (Remind me to tell you about my years in radio and fronting an 80’s cover band on the coast sometime.)

What is your role with The Chef and I?

My role here is multi-faceted. I own The Chef and I with my husband, Chef Chris Rains. I believe in our company with every ounce of my being, and am so proud of Chris-celebrating his 20th year in Nashville as an Executive Chef and our fourth year with this company. We wanted to start something that made a difference in the culinary world, and share our story. My titles include (but are totally not limited to) account executive, marketing director, cheerleader, published journalist, magazine department editor, television script writer, keeper of the chef, and the most delicious of them all, taste tester.

What is your career background?

My career is one that will make for a good made-for-tv movie one day. For now, the short version: Radio Personality, Television Host, media buyer, advertising executive, magazine journalist, magazine department editor, newspaper editor, event planner and culinary staff manager, and much more…I’ve always been a workaholic and dive 100% into everything! Why not? Life is short!

What is your “claim to fame”?

My claim to fame? In radio I contemplated name-dropping here, but instead, I’ll say this: I’ve met global superstars-some were awesome, some were insane, some were just plain ol’ mean. But they were just humans, and I find consumer behavior and marketing psychology fascinating. We, the fans, make these people famous. I was on the radio for most of my adult life, and so I had the ‘famous in a small town’ situation when I lived on the coast for a few years. It was surreal, and strange, and yes, it was awesome. I love the spotlight, but I also like being behind the scenes and seeing what makes things tick! I am looking forward to getting back into tv with my tv-husband-chef. Great things to come kids, tune in!

What is your favorite menu item that Chef Chris has created?

My favorite item that Executive Chef Chris Rains has created is a tough one: I’ll have to go with three. Sorry. Salmon, anyway he wants to make it for me-the best by far I’ve ever had. He has a knack (he’s from Seattle too). Buttered leaks-my favorite vegetable now thanks to him. Lobster bisque-it’s sinful folks.

One last thing: I am so honored that you are even reading this far, so I must say thank you to anyone who has encouraged us along the way, supported us, referred us, believed in us, and been there for us. We couldn’t have done it without you, and as we move forward, you will be more of an integral part of our journey. And we can’t wait to share it with you. The Chef and I is taking off. Get in and hang on. I try to remind people of this in life: Stand in as much light as you can. And for heaven’s sake, don’t forget to dance. ~Peace~


Where are you from  and what brought you to Nashville?

I was born in a Edmonds, Washington. It is a waterfront town that sits on the Puget Sound an hour North of Seattle, the majestic Pacific Northwest. Clams, Salmon, Trout, Dungeness crab and all types of berries and produce were prevalent in my life. My grandmother was the head of the state school district cafeterias and was an excellent cook. A love for food was born in many ways
and the 14 years living there created the foundation of my cooking.

I love my hometown and look forward to visiting every couple years to breathe
it all in. My dad’s side of the family still resides there and if you have never visited, it is a trip worth taking if you love nature and food.

But, now my hometown lies in Nashville, Tennessee I moved here after my mother and stepfather got hitched when I was 14. It was a culture shock and
sent my life in a different direction, but through all these years I have
developed a deep love of Nashville. Twenty-eight years watching this city
grow has been fun.

What is your role with The Chef and I?

My awesome wife and I own this little dream of ours. I do everything from writing the menus and proposals, accounting, media and all things culinary of course. Lately we have been kitchen designers and interior decorators. Exciting!

What is your career background?

I started in the culinary industry washing dishes at Bonanza (Yellow, Khaki
and Green, YIKES!) and my journey took me through the Sheraton, F. Scotts,
the Wildhorse Saloon and the arena with the Nashville Predators. I am a self-taught chef with the help of Emile Labrousse, Richard Bailey and numerous peeps at Levy Restaurants.

What is your “claim to fame”?

Oh Snap! I don’t know really. I have done the TV demonstrations and other media over the years but I am thinking it is the Wildhorse Saloon as a whole.

It all started with the barbecue and the bbq sauce coupled with the restaurant
and catering thousands of parties. A lot of my recipes are still in use over there and my bbq sauce is still being bottled. It was a fun 8 years.

What is your favorite menu item that Chef Chris has created?

Not sure how to answer this one. I am going to defer to everyone else and say that I am my second harshest critic of my cooking behind Olivia my daughter, who does not pull any punches.

Let me give you my short list of my 3 favorite eateries:
Frontera Grill, Chicago
Arun’s, Chicago
Smiling Elephant, Nashville 

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